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Pressure Washing Dream Come True

I’m so thankful I stumbled upon the business we did. I wasn’t ready to kiss my savings account goodbye on a long list of exterior renovations and labour costs.

Our house isn’t old, it does however have a build up of mildew and mold on the exterior. We live in Connecticut near the water and close to the New York State Border. The seasonal changes and moisture levels are a magnet for exterior build up.

This pressure washing service made for a quick and thorough exterior renovation without all the costs and headaches!connecticut pressure wash

Spring Cleaning

My wife is a nester. She loves to make everything feel like it is in a place and complete. Her cleaning is out of this world, not a crumb around! This can be overwhelming at times, yes, a wife who keeps the house in tip top shape without my assistance can be annoying.

The drive she has to make everything perfect sometimes leads into a renovation or project that requires our savings account or me to help.

As the weather in the Greenwich, CT area got warmer and indoors was complete, it was time to remove the screens and clean them. She took them all to the backyard to spray them down with the hose and realized how gross our exterior had gotten.

The siding was discoloured from mildew and the window trim seemed to have mold built up around it. I got a text with photos pretty instantly. “We need to look into getting new siding and windows this year. And the deck is looking gross too”

I cringed at the thousands the materials were going to cost for this exterior renovation. Especially with the pandemic causing the worst inflation costs on everything. Easily we could double what we think the prices would have been. Yuck!connecticut cleaning service

Exterior Renovation Solution

While we were at the local hardware box stores we seen a pressure washer on sale. After reading the box I assured my wife that we could just do this ourselves and there would be no need to buy new siding and windows…. Or deck. With that option now in her mind we spent some time researching if pressure washing was an easy task or not.

Turns out, you can really damage your property if you don’t do the job correctly. The right pressure, knobs etc are key to a successful project. I had only ever pressure washed my driveway from time to time. So I no doubt wouldn’t be the guy for the job.

The next option we talked about was finding an exterior cleaning service. There was surprisingly quite a few exterior cleaning services but not many that has professional exterior pressure washing.

I contacted the business with the most positive reviews and had them over for a consultation quote.

My wife was drilling the man with a million questions about how he would be spraying, what they use, chemicals, mold, possible ruining of materials and how fast can this be done.

With very confident and quick responses my wife didn’t even look at me for a head nod. She booked an exterior pressure wash service for the next week. Normally I would step in with a “Umm, honey… We will go over all this first together and get back to you sir”. But, the price we were quoted was so reasonable I didn’t want to question anything. Just incase it was a mistake. Ha!

Exterior Pressure Washing

The day before the exterior cleaning service arrived we were asked to move anything we didn’t want to get soaked or contaminated out of the way best we could. We were having quite a bit of a cleaning so we shoved most of our patio things into the garage.

Exterior Pressure Wash Projects

  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Shingles & Fascia/Soffit
  • Deck
  • Fence
  • Concrete Pad
  • Driveway
  • Entrywayexterior renovation

My wife basically wanted everything shiny and new. Luckily this company could deliver on all of her requests.

When they showed up, it was impressive. A team with their own equipment and gear, on time and ready to pressure wash away our old filth!

The project started at 9 am. We figured his estimate of 1 full day was going to be way off and at least 2 days were more realistic. Nope! The pressure washers were all full of techniques and skill it was impressive how smoothly they flowed through the projects.

Our roof was finished first while the fence and driveway was being pressure washed. The shingles looked brand new! While they were up there they informed us that the build up was what was aging them and they should get at least a good 5 more years out of them now that they can breathe without mildew on them.

During lunch we decided to venture out and eat. Grabbed some groceries and headed home around 3.

Our eyes must have been popping out of our skulls because the one team laughed at us and said “Looking good?” That would be an understatement. We thought our siding was a taupe brown colour… Turns out it was more white! Disgusting the amount of build up that happens so gradually over the years. Our windows looked like they had new trim on them. Once my wife pops on her clean screens we will have saved ourselves easily $30,000 in renovations!exterior pressure wash

Pressure Washing Game Changer

The whole summer we received so many compliments on the stunningly clean house from people walking past. With finding this amazing company we were able to use our savings on new landscaping and a garage door. It is unbelievable how pressure washing your exterior can change the look of your exterior and prolong the life of your materials.

Highly recommend having your exterior project quoted by your local pressure washing service company and see if it is right for you. In our case, it was the best thing to have stumbled across. We saved tens of thousands not replacing things that were able to be refreshed and still have plenty of life left in them.

Professional Pressure Washing in Connecticut

Hire a professional pressure washing company, do not do it yourself. You’ll be thankful you did!

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