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This is the story of my daughter’s adventure with a decaying tree that needed to be removed in central Ohio.

Those who assured me that I was so lucky to have a girl because boys are way more difficult to raise… Didn’t have MY daughter. She is a firecracker full of energy, sass, sarcasm and she always needs to compete.

My daughter’s reality is quite the blast from the past. I’m so happy she is getting to grow up in my hometown of Frederickton, Ohio. It isn’t too big of a town and it has everything we need. Just a short drive to the city for nice day outings.

A new family moved into the house down the lane, my daughter found her best friend. He is the same age and creepily has the same hobbies and spirit as my Camille. That was when I quickly learned I needed to work on the landscaping.

Weak old trees are to blame for the summer of a broken arm.tree removal

Tree Trimming

It all went down over the weekend. Camille and her new friend love to explore the outdoors. They bike all over town, play ball and race everywhere.

They brought over a few more of their friends and decided that weekend was the weekend they became monkeys. Architecture building monkeys.

We have an older barn in the back of the property with wood and construction pieces my dad left behind from his working days. The kids found an older tree and decided it would be the perfect tree to build a tree fort in. They never got into too much trouble usually, exploring was their norm.

I had my husband go out and take a peek on what they were doing that day. He gave them all a quick lesson on tools and structure, checked the tree they were thinking of building the fort in and told them to ask for any help they needed it.

I was inside looking out the windows constantly peeping on them. It’s one thing for it to be your child up in a tree hammering wood onto trunks. When it involves others children I get nervous, anything happens, it’s on my watch. Luckily (if that is even the right word) only Camille was hurt when they were trying to build their fort.

Falling Out of a Decaying Tree

The kids came running to the house screaming when she fell from the tree. One of the branches snapped out from under her while she was hammering a frame board to the trunk. We were surprised to see it was rotting from the inside, the look of the branch seemed completely healthy and strong.

After our hospital trip we returned home with Camille in an arm cast. She broke her forearm bone… Thankfully that was all, she fell 5-6 feet. In the morning we had a tree removal company come out and check the rest of our landscaping. We don’t want anymore rotten surprises. Pun intended.tree removal ohio

Tree Pruning And Trimming Consultation

Our property has a lot of big trees throughout. I remember climbing on some of them when I was younger, one still has the tire swing still roped up on it.

We let the tree removal arborist inspect all of our landscaping shrubs, trees and bushes. He was great with communicating what he was seeing and potential near future issues. I’m glad I didn’t let my husband take a chainsaw to the property on his own like he suggested.

When we got to the tree fort tree the tree removal arborist paused and then gave us the head tilt to the side look. We explained that this was why we called them. The tree looks sturdy but the branch that my daughter stood on broke and looks like it is decaying.

Without even getting close to the tree he could tell that the tree was decaying. He said that it was easy to spot the tell tale symptoms if you knew what you were looking for.

Decaying Tree Symptoms

  • Bark Abnormalities
  • Decay
  • Dead Branches
  • Leaf Discolouration
  • Poor Architecture
  • Weak Branch Unions

The tree removal arborist gave us some great pointers as to what we should look for. I never thought crevices or cracks in the tree meant it was dying or branches will break. I thought it was just natural imperfections that happened when growing. Our tree has mushrooms growing up the side of it. That means it is decaying from the inside to out.tree trimming fredericktown

Tree Removal And Trimming

After our consultation we learned that many of the old trees on the property were either sick or starting to decay. It broke my heart to think of all the gorgeous trees were going to be cut down. I know it is the right thing to do, especially with a monkey daughter who impulsively does things.

On removal day the following week we sat on the deck and watched the magic happen. The tree removal company showed up on time and had so many machines at the ready. We were removing 9 huge trees and trimming a few of the others.

Camille’s favourite part of the tree removal was when the men put the stumps and branches through the chipper machine. We kept some of the wood that wasn’t rotten as firewood too.

I couldn’t believe how high the tree removal arborists climbed to remove individual branches before cutting the trunk off the tree. I always just assumed it was a trunk cut and then “timmmber

This tree removal company from Frederickton, Ohio was so quick and clean with their removal and trimming process it was almost as if it was never done. I thought I’d be cleaning up twigs and branches the rest of the week. Super professional, knowledgeable and overall great people.opinions

My Thoughts

It is tough to not bubble your child while they are in their most adventurous stages. You would think this tree incident would halt that thinking, but it didn’t. I think learning from mistakes and growing from experiences is much more advantageous for a growing mind. Just be sure to toss out a few reminders before they run out the door.

Company Details

  • Humble Roots Tree Care, LLC
  • Frederickton, Ohio
  • +1 740-480-1489

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