Rubber Pavement

Rubber Pavement is Simply Awesome

Benefits of Rubber Pavement

Rubber Pavement is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to asphalt and concrete paving materials, made of recycled tires. Perfect for outdoor surface applications with its benefits including durability, safety, affordability, customization, and customization potential.

Rubber Paving involves mixing recycled tire crumbs with other ingredients to produce a flexible and durable pavement solution. Used tires are shredded and processed at a facility to make this mix; once complete, it can be applied directly onto prepared surfaces without creating waste in landfills or greenhouse gas emissions – supporting circular economies with reduced waste disposal costs and promoters of circular economies.

Once rubber paving has been mixed, a special glue is added to give it its flexibility and water resistance, before being poured onto a prepared surface to form an even finish with smooth corners. The end result is strong yet durable surface with excellent slip-resistance, shock absorption, noise insulation properties as well as slip resistance – so much so that even NJDOT is using rubber paving on sections of highway to reduce noise levels in surrounding communities!

Durability is one of the key considerations when selecting a paving material, especially one which will be subjected to heavy traffic and external weather conditions. Rubber pavers offer exceptional resilience against such pressures – up to 10 times more resilient than traditional materials!

Advantages of Rubber Paving

Rubber paver pavement offers many advantages, one being its ability to prevent cracking and other forms of damage due to being highly resistant to temperature variations resulting in expansion and contraction, saving on maintenance and repair costs over time. Rubber pavement also stands up well to temperature extremes as temperature can cause its expansion or contraction, keeping your area sturdy and durable over time – saving you money in maintenance costs!

Rubber paving provides a safe, soft surface for pedestrians and vehicles, making it an excellent choice for areas such as playgrounds or pool decks where softness is desired. Furthermore, its impact-absorbing capabilities may reduce serious injuries in cases of falls from height.

Rubber paving provides not only a safe and durable surface but is also available in an assortment of colors and designs that add an eye-catching element to any outdoor space. Homeowners have plenty of freedom when selecting their ideal rubber paver material, while as it can be installed over existing surfaces without the need for removal and replacement it makes an affordable solution for those on tight budgets.

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