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European Golden Retriever Fever

Here’s the story of how I came to find my European golden retriever puppy as my new best friend in Minnesota.

Finding my new best friend was quite the challenge. I had just moved out of my parents house and ready to be on my own. Except I absolutely hate being alone at night. I ooze anxiety about burglars and horror movie scenarios happening to me.

Realistically I know I am safe, irrationally, I can’t push past the thoughts. So, I decided to get myself a best friend that will protect and comfort me.

Luckily my condo allows pets. I already had a nice stash of savings for emergencies and fun to purchase my pooch.

My friends gave me a few pointers of which types of dogs to choose from. I have no allergies and really want a pup that I can go for walks with. I love the idea of an easy to train loyal dog with little maintenance. Going to a groomer was out of the question. And a tiny dog was not going to be able to give me the comfort and security I was searching for.

I decided on a European golden retriever.retriever breeder hastings

Different Retriever Breeds

Searching online for puppies might be the greatest time vortex I’ve ever been sucked into. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good cat reel session too.

Puppies are just SO cute! I decided to start actually looking at the different breeds of retrievers. A neighbour of mine has a really reddish coloured retriever. I never knew that they came in different shades.

Shades of Retrievers

  • Golden
  • Cream (white)
  • Red

Types of Retrievers

  • English (European)
  • American
  • Canadian

The shades of retrievers can vary from different litters. The main 3 colours are stated above. Some can be more of a mix of red to golden or golden to cream. The rarest shade of  golden retriever is Red. Some might think that upon first glance a red retriever could be an Irish Setter.

I am really interested in the Cream white satin golden retrievers. The softness of the colour and uniqueness has my mind set.white satin retriever

White Satin Golden Retriever Temperament

When researching about white satin golden retrievers I learned a lot about their temperament. I needed to have a dog that would learn and obey quickly. Living in a condo, my neighbours would not tolerate a barking, jumpy untrainable dog.

White satin golden retrievers are a loyal breed. They are very protective and affectionate to their owner and can be very observant to emotions being put out there. Which was one of the top qualities I was looking for in a dog.

Retrievers are great with kids if you had children. I however at the moment don’t need to worry about that trait. But it is probably quite important for most dog owners.

White satin golden retrievers are such great temperament dogs that they are often trained as therapy dogs. People who have anxiety in public places or have mental illness would benefit from this breed. Some hospices also use retrievers for end of life care.

Finding A Retriever Breeder

Purchasing a puppy can be tricky when selecting a breeder. You’ll want to visit the kennel/home where the puppies and their parents are living. A quick glance at their location will tell you a lot about the health and temperament of the litters.

I live just outside of Minneapolis so I took a day to go and look at a couple of local breeders in the area. All but one was breeding the white satin golden retrievers. So that made my decision easier. Plus, it was an amazing breeder.

They sat me down and let me meet the litters parents and see the certifications they had. I found it completely cool that the parents were European white satin retrievers. Making them so unique! The dogs were very clean, healthy and happy.

All puppies have their vet checks done and have warranties.white satin retriever

Bringing Home My White Satin Retriever

The white satin retriever breeder had completely set my puppy up for a smooth transition. My new puppy is extremely well tempered.

I had spent the last few weeks prepping the condo for my new best friend Bobby. With the recommendation from the breeder I had purchased specific food and vitamins.

I absolutely loved shopping for a new dog bed and bowls. I love interior design, and adding this new feature to the house was a treat!

I had a custom collar made with a matching leash that has one of the poo bag attachments on the wrist band. I was set!

When I went into the pet store I didn’t realize all the fun toys and accessories available to pets. I grabbed organic healthy chew toys and even some tooth paste and brushes. I really wanted to keep everything to a minimal state but being here in person and excitement has me over shopping and loving it.

When I picked up Bobby she was so happy and shaking her bum the whole ride home. I couldn’t have had a more amazing experience driving with a puppy. I was expecting to have to pull over multiple times. white satin retriever breeder

My Thoughts

My overall experience from choosing a breed to bringing my white satin retriever home was a perfect 10 out of 10. I never thought I would find such an amazing breeder who would be so open to send updates and photos of Bobby while I was waiting to bring her home.

The way they take care of their family of fur babies from parents to puppies is as if they were their own little humans. I would never hesitate to recommend a friend or family member to purchase their next fur baby from this breeder.

Contact Details

  • White Satin Golden Retrievers
  • 13681 80th St S, Hastings, MN 55033
  • +1 612-716-2372
  • https://whitesatingoldenretrievers.com/

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